Value Creation



We ourselves were first movers, game changers, seed investors, start-up and now grown-up. We were B2C, B2B and became market leaders. This is why we know exactly what the DNA of a successful company looks like.


We love data and data is your gold. We are experts in this field and able to generate valuable data, to use this data to provide added value for customers and monetize this data in the best way possible.

Tools & Skills

When we work with you, we make all our expertise, network and tool boxes available. This enables the collection of valuable data or also the acceleration of company phases and generation of growth.


A racehorse cannot do high jumping. A flamingo cannot tend sheep. So we enhance your strengths and do not invest energy in areas which are not viable.


We know that a promise holds more than the contents of a contract. Our cooperation is based on openness and trust. Our success is based on complete transparency and relentless analysis of facts.


The right employees are the most valuable asset. These are not people who work according to the book, but those which give their all when it is necessary. We support you in your search for the best team and help you fill posts for your management team.


We assess each financing option and together with you select the right one. With us you will never dispose of an investment too early or acquire third-party expertise for a high price at the wrong time.


Business is not everything. Sometimes it's time for the family to take priority or time to build up private assets. We support you with exit strategies, assess the options and reliably support you in the selection of the right partner.


We firmly believe that a vision, a healthy culture of debate, lots of fun and especially an appreciative working environment is the best motivation to ensure the long-term success of a company.



We love digital and data-driven business models. Therefore, in the course of planning our investment it is natural for us to look for potential and to collect, process and make data available. This is the best way for us to contribute to the added value. We prefer to work with highly motivated entrepreneurs who know their market and their customers very well. Who you are and what you have already achieved is much more important to us than a clever pitch deck or a lofty office space. It’s worth remembering that we started our first company in our parents’ house. A start-up does not always mean glamour. Hard work, a spirit of adventure and no fear of failure count more than copied senseless phrases from Silicon Valley. Allthough ‘try small and fail fast’ is naturally the right attitude. Long story short, we are looking for data companies with an advanced stage of maturity. We want to know that your idea is so good that you can win customers and keep them. This is apparent with solid sales and profits and forms the foundation for the most important factor which is substantial potential for growth.